Weekly Events

Mission Mountain Zen community meets for weekly Zen meditation at 6pm at Yogaheart Studio at 314 Main Street in Polson MT.  We sit two, 30 minute seated meditation (zazen) periods, with 10 minutes of walking meditation (kinhin) in between.  Instruction is given at the beginning of the first zazen period.  After the second zazen period we conclude our meditation by chanting the Heart Sutra or some other sutra together.  We then have time for questions and have tea together.

When we celebrate Buddhist Holiday’s on Wednesday we meet at Zenku’s home.  We meet at 6:00pm for one period of zazen followed by a special chanting service and a talk on Zen is given reflecting on the significance of the holiday.  We then conclude our holiday celebration by sharing food that everyone has brought for the occasion.

Buddhist Holidays Observed:

  • Parinirvana, the time of the historical Buddha’s passing
  • Spring Ohigan, Spring Equinox, reflecting on the balance in nature
  • Hanamatsuri, the historical Buddha’s Birthday
  • Obon, the Celebration of our personal and Buddhist ancestry
  • Fall Ohigan, Autumn Equinox, reflecting on the balance in nature
  • Bodhi Day, the time of the historical Buddha’s enlightenment

Please send your email information to Zenku at Jerry.Smyers@gmail.com to get on the weekly email communication list.

  • The weekly email will confirm the meditation plans for the coming week.   Check this email to make sure that the Wednesday meditation has not been cancelled for the week.
  • Please let Zenku know you are planning to attend by email or phone.